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Wavemark is a new sound design company with experienced personnel. Our specialists have been working for years in different fields of audio industry.  Our experience covers everything from theatres to festivals and touring bands to big corporate events. We have designed and tuned sound systems, dealt with both analogue and different types of digital signal distribution, mixed shows and taken care of the monitor world.

Our knowledge lies on solid practical experience, based on deep understanding of the underlying theory.  To keep up with the fast progress in our industry each of us shares the latest information of his special field with the others in the company. 

We strive to serve all customers ranging from design firms to theatres, from rental companies to concert houses from importers to system integrators. Contact us if you need knowledge in the audio field!

Andreas "Stanley" Lönnquist

Stanley is a guru in theatre sound, trusted even by Björn & Benny from ABBA. Long experience, the best teachers and a big heart have made Stanley a sound designer who is high in demand.

In the daily routines it is very important that the user of a sound system is comfortable in his working environment. Different theatres, concert halls and clubs each have their specific requirements and needs. Mixing desks and control systems have changed a lot during the last years. With Stanley's experience you will find the right solution to make your every day work easier.

Janne Sivonen

Often you manage with the ordinary solutions, but not always. Should you need a special midi-controlled system or if you want to control the sound with the movement of a revolving stage in a theatre, you might want to contact Janne.

A wireless microphone monitoring system that you can control wirelessly was needed in Svenska Teatern in Helsinki. Janne designed one and this system of his is since being installed in several other theaters. If you need a D-Mitri by Meyer Sound programmer in Finland Janne is your man.

Santtu Sipilä

Santtu has a love hate relationship with wireless microphones but still spends most of his time with them. He teaches, designs, implements and helps customers in their various needs with wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems. Santtu’s other areas of interests include digital sound networks and DSP-systems; in other words the hidden side of sound reinforcement that needs to work without any inconvenience or extra care.

If the customer comes to work in the morning, does the gig and goes home at night not having had to think about the systems Santtu has designed, Santtu feels he has succeeded.

Timo Liski

All questions about speakers are Liski’s cup of tea. If you wonder what kind of speaker system should be installed in an indoor arena for announcements, church for speech or band, club, a big outdoor festival or the London O2 Arena, Liski has the right answer ready with tons of experience from several jobs.

Drafting can be done with the design tools of several manufacturers or with the industry standard EASE plotting tool. The special strength of Liski is the know-how of how the simulation and final installation meet.

Sakari “Sakke” Kiiski

Sakke is a versatile and accomplished sound designer whose sphere of activity ranges from smaller assignments to major productions on the main stage at the National Opera in Helsinki.

Sakke is living proof of the value of craftsmanship when it comes to achieving high quality audio even in the context of limited budgets and timeframes. Long experience in the profession has given Sakke an unfailing ability to identify and focus opon what is most important in any given project and he is consequently regarded as something of a living encyclopedia by colleagues in Finnish freelance sound-design circles.